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Weekly yoga classes for beginners, improvers and intermediates – we’ve got something for everyone.

Tai Chi

Improve your flexibility, mobility and energy with graceful flowing movements in this easy to follow class suitable for everyone. .

Weekly Classes


Tai Chi for Arthritis in Ashford

Would you like to find a gentle form of exercise that it suitable for people with arthritis? Have you considered Tai Chi for Arthritis? This is a gentle form of exercise that can alleviate the pain around arthritis. Maybe you suffer pain in your body and find it...

What are the monkey splits?

According to leading yoga website Yogapedia: Hanumanasana is an advanced seated asana that requires lots of flexibility in the hips, groin and legs -- particularly the hamstrings and quadriceps. The name comes from the name of the Hindu monkey god, Hanuman; and asana,...

Relief from high blood pressure

If you’ve been diagnosed with having high blood pressure, or are looking for relief from high blood pressure, along with your medication, your GP is most likely to have prescribed some lifestyle changes as well as losing weight. You should always visit your GP if you...

Creativity for Wellbeing

Move over mindful colouring - there's a new kid in town! If you're wondering how creativity for wellbeing works in real terms, then this workshop is for you. If you've done more mindful colouring books that you care to shake a sharpie at, but you'd still like to find...

Kindness in the workplace

Whilst we're still a long way off from World Kindness Day on 3rd November, we're keen to promote kindness throughout the year and so feel it's never too early to start. Workplace moral can benefit greatly from a company that creates kindness. This in turn creates...

Jennie is back on the block!

Good News! Jennie's taken a bit of a break from teaching weekly classes recently, however all that will soon be history as she kicks off 2018 with two new classes! At our new venue of Spearpoint Pavilion, The Ridge, in Kennington there'll be a Monday evening double:...

Meet the Team

Jennie has been in health and wellbeing for over twenty years and specialises in Mindfulness Meditation and Hatha yoga. She is also a Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and a Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. She also serves as a Buddhist chaplain in the prison service.

Jennie Lichfield


I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years and my growing love of yoga put me on the path to teach and I trained with Sally Parkes Yoga in London specialising in vinyasa flow and hatha yoga. I aim to make my classes relaxing, energising and fun.

Theresa Samworth

Yoga teacher

During his son’s life threatening illness and subsequent return to health, Tony sought comfort from his suffering, and found understanding  and insights via mindfulness. He can be found assisting at the monthly sitting group and Silent Retreat Days.

Tony Maynard


Hannah continues to develop not only her own practice, but also that of her students as she teaches intermediates yoga classes as well as mixed ability and morning workshop. Hannah’s warmth generosity and depth of understanding makes her one of the top yoga teachers in East Kent.

Hannah Stewart

Intermediates Yoga Teacher

Sam teaches a combination of hatha and vinyasa yoga. Set to peaceful music, her classes are aimed at all levels and incorporate a range of asanas (postures) with equal focus on strength and flexibility.

Sam Stone

Yoga teacher

With over 15 years experience as a yoga and mindfulness teacher, I find inspiration in my students and am continually learning from all those around me. My busy, core group of students are in the Folkestone area and I will be deeply involved in the residential retreats at Chilston Park Hotel.

Sally-Ann Cranage

Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher

“A sincere big heart-felt thanks to you Jennie, you are very gifted and much appreciated. I can not begin to tell you how much your time and courses have helped me personally. Ashford and Kent is very fortunate to have you..”

from SR, student in Ashford 2016.

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