Energy Levels

Do you sometimes feel unmotivated and lethargic? Or are you a perfectionist who likes taking risks and take in more than you need? Either of those could mean that your solar plexus chakra is a little out of balance. The manipura or third chakra is located above the navel and is responsible for self esteem, personal transformation and our warrior energy.

When this chakra is healthy it gives us get up and go and the ability to overcome inertia. It allows us to take calculated risks, assert our will and take responsibility for our life.

How yoga can help

Theresa will be teaching a chakra workshop at the end of September devoting the whole morning to introducing you to the ideas around the chakras, how they can help and how we can assist ourselves to live with more balance. Read more here or click here to book online.

Call 01233 650932, book online now or via our free app. Simply go to your app store and search Liberty Wellbeing.

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