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If you’re looking for a role within a bustling creative group of wellbeing practitioners, we’d love to hear from you. Great rates of pay, hassle free class timetables and the benefits of being valued for all your teaching skills.

Vacancies for Yoga Teachers

Do you love teaching yoga, but find the marketing too much of a struggle?

Vacancies for Pilates Teachers

Or fed up with being under paid or stuck with gym’s and health clubs internal politics?

Vacancies for Mindfulness Teachers

Maybe you’ve trained in a mindfulness application and now looking for avenues of work?

Vacancies for Tai Chi Instructors

Want to share your love of tai chi with others but don’t have the time to promote your own classes?

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Current Vacancies

as of July 2018

We currently have all the team members we need. However if you’d like to send us your details, we’d be really happy to contact you when the next vacancy arises.


Good rates of pay

Earn what you’re worth

Hassle free

No leaflets or facebook marketing to deal with

Feel valued

We know how hard you work

Like minded colleagues

Be part of the team

Easy class timetables

Know who your students are at a glance

All the kit you need

We’ll provide you with equipment and clothing