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Ideal for those who want to spend a little longer in the practice



Not only do balancing poses tone, stretch and strengthen the muscles, but they work wonders for focussing and thus calming the mind.

Taking care of your balance acts as health insurance for our later years, making injuries from falling less likely.

Find Your Balance Yoga Workshop

With this workshop we’ll ground the body focussing on the roots upward. Starting with the feet and legs we’ll build awareness and strength before moving on to another crucial part of building your balance – core muscles, activating them to create awareness of that important centre of your body.

Then we’ll lift off, building up from basic balances to more challenging ones to leave you feeling stable, strong and centred.

The format

This yoga workshop will start with some limbering up exercises and stretches, building up to working on your balance – with lots of options and support if you need it. We’ll finish off the session with a welcome relaxation, taking onboard all the learnings and finding your own grounded heart space.


This workshop will be on 9th June 2pm to 4pm.


Kennington WI Hall, 229 Faversham Road TN24 9AN. Venue information can be found here.


£20 per person, or £18 for NHS Staff. Please get in touch if this applies to you. Discounts cannot be given after a booking has been made.

Next Date

9th June 2-4pm at
Kennington WI Hall

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Samantha Stone

Samantha Stone

Yoga Teacher