Journal Your Way to Happiness

Looking at the link between mindfulness, creative pursuits and memory keeping

A workshop exploring the link between our mental health and engaging in pursuits that offer reflective time, creativity and moments of quiet. Many of us don’t find the time for this in our busy lives or simply don’t know where to start.

There is nothing quite like an experienced teacher to help show you the way or simply give you jumping off points to take home and develop in your own time. Jennie will take you through this three hour workshop giving you ideas on mindfulness, what it involves and how it can help us flourish as human beings coupled with creative pursuits that underpin our sense of happiness.

Journalling, writing a diary, memory keeping

However you like to phrase it, keeping a diary can be a useful tool to keep us well. It provides a reflective look back at how far we’ve come, what our hopes and aspirations are as well as providing us with valuable feedback when life can seem overwhelming. Diaries or journals can take many forms, so many in fact that we end up in mental paralysis and give up because we don’t know where to start.

You’ll be shown a number of different journalling styles, techniques and hands on opportunity to begin your memory keeping journey.

Workshop Content

The first part of the afternoon will consist of looking at wellbeing, what it means for us to be well and thrive in our modern life and what part mindfulness has to play in that. Practical sessions of mindfulness will be included and teaching/discussion about how we can incorporate quietude into our lives. Explanations will offered for those with little or no mindfulness experience so don’t worry if you’ve not done anything like this before.

We’ll then move on to a more creative aspect of the day looking at why journalling can help with our wellbeing, why we would choose to do it and actually how we go about it. Jennie will share with you a number of different types of journals and you’ll have the opportunity to make a start on  a journal of your own. We’ll begin with some simple ideas and play around with paper, glue, journal cards, notebooks and pens to find what medium suits you and get your creative juices flowing. You don’t have to be creative already! The session will help stimulate your thinking and recognise ways of keeping a diary that suit you.

You must bring the notebook or journal that you’d like to start using and we’ll work through activities which will help you take the ideas home with you. You might also like to bring photographs that inspire you, which can form the basis of one of your activities.

Finally, we’ll look at a miniature artwork process called Zentangle. This is a progression of mindful colouring which you may have already tried before. It’s simple, square, black and white artwork that can be creative as well as mindful and also offers the opportunity for easy access to everyone – think doodling but with a little more depth and direction. All you need is a pen and a small piece of paper (all provided for you).


Saturday 9th March 2019 2pm to 5pm at Kennington WI Hall TN24 9AN


The cost to attend the workshop is £35.

Who is it for?

This workshop is perfect for:

  • those who’d like to be creative but don’t know what to start
  • enjoy diary writing
  • want to be more peaceful
  • would like to mentally flourish
  • enjoy mindful colouring books
  • stationery nerds
  • introverts
  • people the age of 16 and upwards

NB: There are only 12 places available

Next date

9th March 2pm-5pm
Kennington WI Hall

Jennie Lichfield

Jennie Lichfield

Principal Teacher

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