Whilst we’re still a long way off from World Kindness Day on 3rd November, we’re keen to promote kindness throughout the year and so feel it’s never too early to start. Workplace moral can benefit greatly from a company that creates kindness. This in turn creates strengths through bonds, mutual respect and rapport between co workers and clients alike. Offering kindness, either in random acts or deliberately going out of your way to be kind, can lead to increased energy, happiness, whilst raising of the serotonin levels in turn lowers stress, anxiety, and blood pressure. We offer workshops on how to spread kindness and show you how it’s possible to weave it into your daily life. Here are five ways you can carry out workplace goodwill:

  1. Say Good Morning: A cheery “Good Morning” or “Bye” will make all the difference in a day. Human interaction is an important part of creating a positive environment so the next time you’re going into the office, make it a point to greet others with eye contact, a smile, and ask how they’re doing.
  2. Remember Their Name: Taking the time to learn someones name will personalise your interactions and add greater meaning for the person on the receiving end. This creates mutual respect between coworkers, and building staff too.
  3. Helping Others: If you know a colleague’s strengths and weaknesses, use this as an opportunity to lend a hand. Help guide those who struggle, while helping a coworker with a certain strength move up or into a better position. If you’ve got a skill and a colleague struggles in that area, simply offer to help.
  4. Don’t Gossip: If you hear negative talk or gossip about a someone at work in (or outside) the office, then don’t participate. Rumours and gossip are divisive as well as being detrimental to team spirit. Combat negativity with kind words about others and strive to appreciate the positive in everyone.
  5. Be Grateful: A simple “thank you,” makes us all feel appreciated about our work and encourages us to go that extra mile. Offer your gratitude with a sincere smile, and express why the action was so helpful or important. Explain how a difference was made, and return the favour with sincerity and thanks.

If you’d like to learn how to apply kindness to your everyday life either in the work place or in your personal life then visit our workshop page to find out when an event is running near you.