Anxiety can be a debilitating state of mind that prevents us from living a normal life. It affects our work, home life and our relationships. Don’t be trapped in cycle of unhappiness and paralysis.


Learning from our experienced teacher is the sure fire way to help you on your way with mindfulness for anxiety and depression.




You will learn simple techniques such as breathing exercises, ways of paying attention and how to increase your concentration which have been proven to help depression and mental health issues.

Understanding yourself better, learning about how you experience life and your relationship to your experiences can ease the symptoms of depression.

Benefits of Mindfulness



Mindfulness has been shown to be as equally effective as medication in the treatment of depression. It’s simple to do, everyone can learn how to do it and it’s free!

You may have tried apps, books or podcasts in the past however there is much to be learned from an experienced therapist/teacher who can bring the topic alive for you and really help you on the right path.

Mindfulness for Anxiety & Depression Workshops

We offer morning workshops in Ashford helping you learn mindfulness specifically for anxiety and depression. These workshops are be suitable for everyone, both men and women. We would recommend a minimum age of 16 with no upper age limit. These workshops are ideal if:

  •  you’ve been recommended mindfulness by your GP
  • you’re on the waiting list to see a counsellor
  • you’ve seen a counsellor but your money/allocated sessions have expired


These workshops will take place on Saturday mornings 9:30am until 12.30pm at the Kennington WI Hall. They will be a mixture of teachings, guided meditations, practical tips for when you are home plus plenty of time for questions and answers. The classes have a quiet warmth and provide a supportive environment for learning.

Dates and Cost

We have no further workshops of this planned at present.


You do not need to bring anything with you or wear anything special. We will spend the morning indoors however consider wearing layers as sometimes it can feel a little cool.

Jennie Lichfield

Jennie Lichfield

Principal Teacher

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This workshop was a whole new experience for me. I have been suffering some severe anxiety in the past months after a traumatic physical event.  When the anxiety struck me I didn’t recognise it and the whole experience has been bewildering and extremely frightening. I went alone to the workshop in Charing Heath, but I found that I was amongst friendly faces and easy company.
The Liberty Wellbeing workshop felt like a warm arm around me and turned me towards a window through which I could see daylight and options.  I know that I must now try to make time to learn and understand more.  I need to explore further within my mind and memory to try to unravel what has been happening.
This is the beginning of a journey that has many possibilities and I thank you for it.


The Anxiety and Depression workshop was truly inspiring.  I felt as though it had been written with me in mind, as it resonated so strongly.  I have come away with lots of interesting and different ideas about how to cope, which is exactly what I hoped to get from the session.  I would thoroughly recommend this workshop to anyone struggling with anxiety/depression, or anyone who cares for a person who has mental health issues.



Can my child come with me?

Unfortunately this workshop is aimed at adults however we are happy for 16 year old adolescents to be accompanied by a parent or carer.

Will i be expected to speak in front of the group?

No not at all. We recognise everyone has different learning styles and there is no requirement for anyone to talk to the group as a whole if they don’t want to.

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