January can be a tricky time of year for many people – the festivities of December are over and the urge to capture something positive out of the cold and the dark days can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. It’s a natural instinct with some of us to keep holing up at home, under blankets on the sofa, maybe eating too much and not moving enough, despite every piece of literature and advertising around us telling us we should be pumping iron at the gym or training for a marathon, whilst existing on nothing more exciting than a lettuce leaf and some grated carrot. But starting the new year with a new outlook doesn’t have to be quite so demanding or intimidating.

Two new retreats are taking place at Chilston Park during January 2018, giving you the chance to re-evaluate your goals in life, start (or restart) a relationship with calming yoga, and gain some peace of mind for the year to come. Whether you are aiming to begin the new year with a little TLC for your mental health or feel the need to press the pause button to give yourself that extra boost of energy before you return to real life, there is plenty of opportunity to gain some inner calm at both of our retreats.

Your first opportunity to take part in a programme of restorative yoga and tai chai starts on New Year’s Day itself, with silent mediation and an intention setting session also part of the retreat, along with the chance to rebalance your chakras and further your understanding of how energy works within the body. The second retreat takes place mid-month on 16th January 2018 with an emphasis on Restoring You. Retreatants will experience relaxing Yoga Nidra, the chance to undertake active meditation in a Qi Gong and Breathwork session, plus a workshop on the ancient art of Ayurveda, which promises to help you rebalance mind, body and spirit for a healthier lifestyle.

Both retreats feature opportunities for meditation and mindfulness, as well as breaks in the schedule for tea, calm and reflection, alongside other retreatants or by yourself, on your day. As usual the programme is accompanied by a delicious vegetarian menu of full meals and snacks. So if you are already feeling the stress of the Christmas period and in need of a restorative break before your normal schedule resumes, then these retreats could be the perfect break from your hectic life.

For more information on both January retreats, or to see the other Chilston Park retreats taking place throughout 2018, click here.

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