What are the truths about yoga teacher training? What is it really like to pursue your dream as a yoga teacher? In preparation for our yoga teacher training programme coming up this autumn, I’ve been looking back at the the notes I took when I did my training with Stephen Buss at The Victor Foundation.

Stephen is very well known locally. Here in Kent we’ve had the luxury of his teaching right on our doorstep and many yogi’s passed through the safe hands of Stephen and Sharyn, sharing the benefits of their years of being yoga teachers. Both SallyAnn, Jennie and Hannah all trained with The Victor Foundation so feel the lineage, which is hugely important to all three of us, remains intact and has integrity as it’s been passed down to us.

Why become a yoga teacher?

You may have been following your yoga practice for a few years now and are ready to cross over on to the other side of your mat. Maybe you’re looking for a new career change. Or perhaps you think it looks easy and reckon with your bendy body, it’ll be a cinch? Well, take it from me: the first two are great reasons to become a yoga teacher but the third one definitely isn’t! It might be your dream to pursue yoga as a meaningful way of employment, but it can be tiring, exhilarating, painful and extremely rewarding. You get to be your own boss, set the hours you want to work and maybe even get a job with a great company like Liberty Wellbeing!

The study

The studying part of any yoga teacher training programme may seem daunting, however it’s just the first step on your road to changing your mindset. It forms the stepping stones required between making you a yogi and transitioning you into becoming a yoga teacher. It’s a fabulous way of immersing yourself in the philosophy, anatomy and class preparation behind what makes a good yoga teacher. It’s a time to be relished, enjoyed and set aside from all other day to day things. My advice would be to ensure you’ve got all the time you need to devote to your practice, your learning and your own development.

The exams

We’ll be taking through a process in our 200 hour training programme which will end in a personal practice exam, a teaching practice exam plus a written exam. The sense of achievement will be huge let me tell you! I remember the day I did my own exams as clear as day as it will go down in your memory as one of ‘those’ experiences. Never to be forgotten. It’s a rite of passage, and by the time you’ve finished the training programme, the right to call yourself a yoga teacher will be all yours.

Note taking tips

Have I got any tips about actually how to go about studying? I’d say start right now! What ever class or workshop you go to, get yourself a really good notebook and write everything down. All those weekly sessions you go to, the super special events, or the notes from the Yoga Show in Ally Pally. Anything that is yoga related, start making notes in a book that you will keep and refer back to. My notebook is very comprehensive and I still use it to this day. It’s cram-packed full of fabulous ideas, whole classes and entire workshops in detail plus tips on great expressions to use to explain something and little drawings of stickmen using chairs as props (how else will I remember what they look like?)

I really hope you’d like to pursue your dream as a yoga teacher, and that we can facilitate that in some way. At the very least I enjoy being able to share my love of yoga with my students, year after year, and hope that you will do too. It’s not as scary a leap as you might think and it has the power to transform your life entirely. You’ll never look back, I guarantee it!







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