If you’ve been diagnosed with having high blood pressure, or are looking for relief from high blood pressure, along with your medication, your GP is most likely to have prescribed some lifestyle changes as well as losing weight. You should always visit your GP if you have any concerns over your blood pressure as, if needed, medication can lower blood pressure.

However, by taking some simple measures you can greatly reduce the risk of developing heart disease, strokes, angina, heart attacks or other serious conditions.

Generally speaking when looking for relief from high blood pressure, the higher the pressure, the greater the risk of developing these diseases. Treatment can include lifestyle changes such as weight, regular physical activity, a healthy diet, cutting back on alcohol, stopping smoking, and a low salt and caffeine intake. Because clients that are diagnosed with high blood pressure are told to stop smoking, lose weight, reduce alcohol and reduce salt consumption, to increase exercise and reduce the effects of the stress in their lives, all or many of classes and workshops here at LIberty Wellbeing are perfectly placed to help you.

Mindfulness helps you to learn to recognise your stress triggers, so you can learn to introduce new, alternative behaviours which can help relieve high blood pressure. When you start to experience a stress trigger, you can stop the cycle building that leads to high stress. Time spent in quietude and self-reflection means you are better able to see alternative perspectives and behaviours in stressful situations. You can learn to reprogramme your thoughts and actions to help you develop new behaviour in the waking conscious state.

Using a combination of tai chi, yoga, lifestyle changes, meditation and wellbeing programmes, you can be free from hypertension and significantly reduce the risk of life threatening diseases.