Now that Halloween and Bonfire Night have been and gone, many of us are now either be getting excited by, or panicking about, the approach of Christmas. Whether you are a proper Elf and simply cannot wait or are the kind of person who will put off present buying, or even thinking about what to buy, until the very last minute, we all know that the festive period can be a stressful one for all kinds of reasons. Squeezing large amounts of relatives into your house for days on end, finding and purchasing presents for what seems like thousands of children, deciding on menus for parties and the big day itself whilst catering for various different dietary differences, and carrying on with real life and work at the same time. And all the while, telling yourself it’s supposed to be a wonderful time of year and you should be enjoying yourself at the same time!

Well, here’s a little bit of advice – firstly, you don’t have to do it all, regardless of how much you may think you should, and how much other people expect you to; and secondly, take some moments for yourself, away from all the fuss and festivity; have some time just for you to be you. Meditation and mindfulness can be lifesavers at stressful times, and so can giving yourself a mental break from it all. So that is why the theme of our first retreat at the magnificent Chilston Park is Reconnect and Restore: we are inviting you to take the time to reconnect with yourself, and restore your energies at a time of year when time seems to run away with itself, and you can never get enough done each day.

Focusing on the calming and rebalancing effects of yoga and meditation, this retreat is the perfect place to step back from it all and refocus your attentions on your own wellbeing. Featuring workshops on strengthening, energising and restorative yoga, you can take the time to give your body a truly relaxing break. There’s even a session on yoga for sleep, just before bedtime, which should set you up perfectly for a full day of restoring activities for mind and body.

Guided meditations, a chakra balancing workshop and a mentally indulgent Sound Bath take place the following day, all of which will allow you to explore the effects of stress on your mind and body, and how to deal with them in these peaceful surroundings. These classes, alongside a menu full of delicious but nutritious vegetarian food are all part of the three day retreat programme. With calmness and relaxation at the core of many of the activities, you should find yourself fully restored by the end of the retreat.

To see the full programme of events for the Restore and Reconnect Retreat at Chilston Park, click here.

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