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Props, pillows and blankets


Comfort is the key word

Join Jennie is this warming, cosy, gentle yoga session using restorative poses and easy to follow sequences. Mellow out together and wind down as you ease in to Sunday evening.

During this gentle yoga evening, we’ll take two hours to cover just a few yoga poses where you’ll be supported by props that allow you to completely relax and rest. Held for 5 minutes or more, restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends. Great for beginners and also those who have some yoga experience who want to enjoy a gentle yoga session.

These postures are usually deeply supported by blankets, blocks, or other props and are held for several minutes at a time. Restorative yoga is slow-paced. They enable you to move slowly and focus on maybe 10 different poses for the entire 90 minute class. Gentle restorative yoga practice calms the mind and nervous system, enabling you to turn inward and focus on the breath.

With a long yoga nidra or savasana session to finish off, you’ll definitely want to bring your eye pillow too!

Who can benefit from gentle yoga or restorative yoga?

Beginners will love this gentle form of yoga, the rickety, the stiff, the inflexible. Those yogi’s who are little more experienced too will love the unfolding that restorative yoga brings and the space to let go of the need to strive. Less doing, more being.

What to bring?

Restorative yoga takes quite a lot of props like blankets, warm socks and even cushions. Here’s a list for you:

You NEED to bring as we won’t bring these for you:

  • A yoga mat – we assume you have one and won’t bring spares
  • A thick blanket or quilt – this is for you to lie on, on top of your yoga mat (the hard floor will seem very hard after two hours!)
  • Two further blankets to lay over you – your body temperature will drop significantly and you will need to keep warm
  • A pillow or meditation cushion – to lay your head on

Optional Items we may provide, or you might also like to bring:

  • Yoga blocks x 2, yoga bricks x 3 – if you have them please bring, although we will have enough to share.
  • Eye pillows – you might like to bring your own although we’ll have enough to share
  • Warm socks are a good idea too
  • A warm jumper
  • A large yoga bolster – we assume you don’t have one of these and have one for everyone to borrow

Venue and Cost

These workshops are held at Spearpoint Pavilion (TN24 9ET) 4pm to 6pm ¬£20 They have drawn to a close for 2018 and we’ll be back in the new year.

Jennie Lichfield

Jennie Lichfield

Principal Teacher

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