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The flowing movements of tai chi contain much inner strength, like water flowing in a river, beneath the tranquil surface there is a current with immense power — the power for healing and wellness.

Tai Chi for Arthritis


A 11 week course starting in April. Perfect for learners of all ages this gentle course incorporates Sun and Yang style tai chi plus Qi Gong and breathing exercises.


Tai Chi for Health – For Everyone

Tai chi is a simple, easy to follow form of exercise that everyone can take part in. It’s gentle flowing gestures are learned through repetition, easy instructions from the teacher and by breaking the moves down into small components. There is no impact, no increase in heart rate and can even be done seated in a chair.

Weekly Tai Chi Classes

We have a weekly class in Tai Chi held at the Spearpoint Pavilion, The Ridge, Kennington TN24 9ET on a Monday evening. The class starts 6:30pm and is 45 minutes long. Everyone is welcome to join us and most of the class will be beginners.

You can come at any time and pay per class for £7.50. Alternatively if you know you will want to come every week, then why not book a term and pay for six weeks to benefit from a reduced rate (works out at just £6 per class).

All classes must be booked and paid for in advance. You don’t need any equipment for tai chi, just wear loose clothing and a pair of well fitting soft soled shoes.

Tai Chi Courses

We are pleased to offer a Tai Chi for Arthritis programme starting on 9th April at the Spearpoint Pavilion, The Ridge, Kennington TN24 9ET 9:30am – 10:30am for 11 weeks.

This programme offers 12 easy steps which many have found offer significant pain relief and an improved sense of wellbeing. Muscle strength is important to support and protect joints whilst flexibility enables people to move more easily. There is lots of repetition in tai chi classes with plenty of time for everyone to learn the moves. Each class includes warm up and wind down exercises and qi-gong with handouts of these to practice at home.

Dates: Course starts on 9th April, is for 11 weeks long however there are two Bank Holidays so the course finishes on 2nd July.

Cost: £66 for the course. There is no drop-in availability on this course. If you want to drop in to class, then please come along on a Monday evening (see above).

Check my professional credentials. See the Tai Chi for Health Institute website click here.

What is tai chi?

There is much more to tai chi than one can see, and virtually no one can describe such a complex art in one simple sentence. Yes, it’s aesthetically pleasing, easy and enjoyable to practice. It can be a meditation and an integral exercise for all parts of the body and the mind. It brings tranquility and helps you think more clearly. Tai chi can be many things for different people; regular practice will bring better health and wellness.

With consistent practice, people will be able to feel the internal energy (qi 氣), convert it to internal force (jing 勁) and use it to generate more internal energy. This process would greatly enhance tai chi development, leading to a more balanced mental state; at the same time your fitness, agility and balance will improve. The unique feature of tai chi is that it is internal. Internal means building the inner strength from inside out, therefore you can continue to develop at any age.


Tai Chi for Health LogoMy training is with Dr Paul Lam from Tai Chi for Health. I am currently certified to teach adults of all levels of fitness.

Please read the dates and times carefully when booking. Cancellation fees apply and refunds are not given once the course has started. Read full terms and conditions.

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A week ago today I completed my Tai chi course taught by Jennie. In these hour classes you are taught in stages how to move in a flowing style from one posture (or form) to the next. We analyse, practice and repeat these forms and learn what these beautiful movements are.
I left each class feeling more confident with my newly taught abilities passed on to me by my great teacher and I also felt very calm and relaxed.
This course I think, is great for people wishing to aquire a new skill, meet new people and for learning how to meditate whilst moving. I miss attending classes but I can now take Tai chi wherever I go. ***** Highly recommended!



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