Tai Chi Depth Workshops

If you’ve taken part in one of our tai chi courses or classes before, then why not come and revisit some of your favourite forms in these in-depth two hour workshops.

Jennie will take you through a closer look at particular forms that you already know, but either would like to revisit, brush up on or learn in greater depth.

There’s always time for feedback and learning however we’ve picked out some of the forms that we know people find tricky to remember or are the highlights of each set. Why not get in touch and let us know which forms you’d really like to work on so that we can include those?


All workshops are 2-4pm on Saturday afternoons at the Kennington WI Hall and cost £15. You must have previous experience of the forms either with Liberty Wellbeing or another Tai Chi for Health Institute practitioner.

Tai Chi for Energy Depth

Forms: Commencing Form, Golden Guard Stamping Ground and Punch with Covered Fist
Date: TBC

Tai Chi for Health Depth

Forms: Stroking Birds Tail, Hands Playing with Clouds (and working in a circle)
Date: TBC

Tai Chi for Beginners Depth

Forms: Repulse Monkey, Parting Wild Horses Mane and Brush Knee/Push
Date: TBC

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Sunday 1st July 10am to 12pm

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