Talks on the Ten Perfections

These talks are a series of mindfulness meditation sessions, looking at particular qualities or frames of mind that help us to be peaceful and gain a sense of balance in our lives. These are all single, stand-alone sessions so you are free to come to as many or as few of them as you wish. They do not form a course as such, but will help to deepen your meditation practice and provide an interesting overview of some of the aspects of Buddhist psychology.

No experience is necessary.

These mindfulness sessions are ideal if any of the following apply:

  • You are curious about how to lead a life of ease and kindness
  • Have little, no or some meditation experience
  • Want to discover the benefits of meditation in a friendly, informal environment
  • Are interested in psychology or human behaviour

There will be a talk on a different subject each time, plus a guided meditation, time for tea and biscuits as well as the opportunity for thoughts, reflections and questions. These talks are hosted by principal teacher, Jennie Lichfield.

Ten Perfections

There are ten qualities of the heart and mind that, in Buddhist terms, are said to be perfect. In other words, if we could get those right we’ll really be on the right track for living our lives fully, with a happy heart and contributing wisely to the communities we live in.

Find your happy place

Get more out of life

Build better relationships

The subjects we cover are, in the following order, and will be held once a month throughout 2017 (except for August and December)

  1. Generosity 12th January
  2. Virtue 2nd February
  3. Letting Go 2nd March
  4. Wisdom 20th April
  5. Energy 11th May
  6. Patience 8th June
  7. Truthfulness 13th July
  8. Determination 14th September
  9. Loving Kindness 12th October
  10. Equanimity 9th November

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Will I learn how to meditate?

This is not an environment where you will be taught how to meditate.These sessions are ideal if you have attended a Beginners Mindfulness Course, either with us or another teacher, or are simply interested in learning to live a happy life.

What do I need to bring?

If you own a mediation cushion then please do bring it along, chairs will be provided or you may choose to sit on the floor. There is no special clothing that you need to wear either. Just be comfortable.

Where are the classes held?

The classes are 7:15pm to 8:45pm on Thursday evenings at the Scout Hut in Lower Vicarage Lane, Kennington TN24 9AS.

How much does it cost?

The cost for the evening is £8 or £6.80 for Team Liberty members.

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