Throughout the year there are lots of events and workshops to help you along with your practice. Whether you’re completely new to wellbeing practices in general, or you’re a seasoned yogi looking to deepen your practice.

Choose from the selection below.

Mindfulness for Anxiety & Depression

Three hour classes that explore a topic in greater depth. Suitable for sufferers and carers. Held in Charing Heath 1st July.

Wellbeing Workshop

A beginners introductory workshop showcasing yoga, tai chi and mindfulness. Held in Charing Heath 19th August.

Inversions Workshop

Turn your world upside down and see life from a different perspective. Two hours to deepen your yoga practice. Held in Kennington 6th May.

Ayurveda Workshop

Discover your dosha and learn this ancient method of balancing the body. Held in Ashford 17th June.