Throughout the year there are lots of events and workshops to help you along with your practice. Whether you’re completely new to wellbeing practices in general, or you’re a seasoned yogi looking to deepen your practice.

Choose from the selection below.

Mindfulness for Anxiety & Depression

Three hour classes that explore a topic in greater depth. Suitable for sufferers and carers. Held in Charing Heath

Yoga Workshop

Yoga workshops to deepen your yoga practice covering different topics. Usually held bi-monthly on afternoons or mornings.

Happy Hips for Beginners

A gentle workshop aimed at those new to yoga. Two hours only to ease you into a longer practice.

Loving Kindness

An afternoon looking at the benefits of being kind including increased happiness and less anxiety.

Journal Your Way to Happiness

Explore the link between creativity and wellbeing in this workshop in diary writing and memory keeping.

Tai Chi Workshops

Two hour classes looking in greater depth at particular forms.

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