Come every week

If you know you want to come each week to the same venue, you can book for the term. These are six weeks blocks which means the session work out at just £5 each. Book a term place here.

Drop In/Pay As You Go

You can come to just one class or drop in and out of classes as and when you like. You do not have to wait for term to start. Simply click on the class you’d like to come to and book in. Book a weekly class here.

Classes Timetable

Day Time Teacher Style Venue  Level
Tuesday 6pm-7:30pm Hannah Intermediate Yoga The North School  Intermediate
Tuesday 6:30pm-7:30pm Sam Hatha Yoga The Towers School  Beginners
Wednesday 5:45pm-6:45pm Jennie Hatha Kennington WI Beginners
Wednesday 8pm-9pm Theresa Vinyasa Cade Road Church  Beginners
Thursday 6pm-7pm Jennie Hatha Scout Hut Mixed Ability
Fridays 7am-8am Theresa Vinyasa Kennington WI Beginners
Sunday 9am-10am Hannah Hatha Kennington WI Mixed Ability


Term Dates

Sunday term starts: 28th May DROP IN ONLY
Intermediates term starts: 6th June
Tuesday Beginners term starts: 30th May
Thursday’s at Scout Hut term starts: 8th June
Wednesdays at the WI Hall term starts: 24th May
Wednesdays at Cade Road term starts: 31st May
Friday’s term starts: 2nd June

We’re all beginners

Yoga is an ancient art that takes time to learn so we recommend you give yourself around 6 or 8 classes before you make up your mind if it’s the exercise for you. Being in a group with others can help with shared experiences, or perhaps help you to blend in to the background a  little more if just want to get in to your own zone and not draw attention to yourself. Yoga class is the one place you can zone out, be peaceful and discover yourself on your own journey and nobody will disturb you. It’s ok to do your own thing.

All our classes are listed as to who they are suitable for; either beginners, mixed abilities or intermediates. If you’re not sure simply let us know and we’ll give you as much as advice as we can. All classes are for adults (not children) and are not suitable if you are pregnant. Please don’t be nervous if you haven’t been before, our highly qualified teachers will do their utmost to look after you and make you feel welcome.

Drop In

Click here to drop in and pay as you go to any class

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Come to the same venue, same class every week and benefit from a reduced price

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If you prefer to speak to us, then call us on

01233 650932

Weekly Yoga Classes

We’ve got experienced teachers waiting to guide you through simple, easy to follow yoga sessions. All our classes are suitable for adults of all levels, fitness and capabilities. Choose from the schedule below.

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Hatha Yoga Classes

Hatha yoga is a mild and gentle form of yoga, especially good for beginners, principally using the body for wellbeing although Jennie does include philosophy, discussion and breathing exercises too so do bring an open mind as well as a smile in your heart when you come to class.

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Vinyasa Flow

Do I have to book?

Yes. All classes must be booked by students either via our free app or on the booking page/home page. You can pay in advance for a term which works out at £5 per class. Or you can come each week paying each time you attend. You still need to book your place however as spaces are limited. All payments are made online, we no longer accept cash and no money is taken at the venue. Terms and conditions apply.

How much is it?

You can opt for two ways of attending: A. You pay for the whole term, in advance. This is non-refundable or transferable however it is only £5 a class. B. You can turn up each week, but you pay a little more for this at £7 a class. You can buy a Freedom Pass pack of class credits to pay for a cross section of classes.

What do I need to bring?

If you have yoga mat then please bring it with you. Do not bring camping or pilates mats. If you are unsure just let us know and we will bring a spare one for you however we don’t carry any unless we know one is needed (they’re too heavy!). Bring a little blanket for the relaxation session at the end of each class, especially the Hatha classes and as a useful prop in between poses.

How old do I have to be?

My classes are for adults only so you must be over 18.

What do I wear?

Wear something comfortable, modest and that you can move around in easily. You will not require shoes or socks once the class starts. Consider wearing layers as your temperature may go up and down.

Where do I go and how to I find the classes?

Some of our classes are held in the dance studio at The North School. There is a handy little video for you to watch by clicking here to see where to go once you’ve arrived at the school. The classes at the Scout Hut and WI Hall are easy to find given the street names and post codes via the app/booking system. The venues are all listed here too.

What if I've never done yoga before?

If you’re uncertain about yoga, just want to give it a try for a little while or are anxious about walking in to an already established class then we have a beginners class specifically for the rigid and inflexible. You can drop in or book for a term just as in all the other classes however the Wednesday evening class is much smaller at aimed at complete beginners.

What if I'm pregnant?

My classes are not suitable for you if you are pregnant.